Soul Food

According to a dictionary, Soul food is an ethnic cuisine traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans in the Southern United States. However, in Japan, even if it is Japanese food, traditional food from the hometown and dishes with heart are called soul food. I thought soul food in Japan was Japanese English. In English, do you call hometown taste and hearty food soul food?

Following is the answer I received.

My dad called my grandma's cooking "soul food" even though we're white, but strictly speaking "soul food" refers to traditional African-American cuisine. Someone who isn't serving traditional soul food probably wouldn't use the term "soul food" on his restaurant's menu.

(BTW, there's also musical style called "soul music".)


COCOA Installed

I installed a corona contact confirmation app called COCOA. Usually, this kind of app needs time to mature.doesn't work right from the start, and I think it takes some time to get better. In order to improve it,this app requires many users. many people need to use it. I want this app to improve,to cooperate as much as possible, so I installed thise app on my smartphone and both on my wife's smartphone.

Whether Forecaset

What's the Weather like next Friday?
I'm planning to play golf next Friday, so I'm worried about the weather. I have been watching the next Friday's weather forecast for a couple of days, but the weather forecast changes every day. I've canceled a lot of golf play because of the coronavirus for couple of monthes, so I want to play golf next Friday if possible.


The Japanese government has lifted the restrictions on going out due to the corona whirlpool virus, so I can now feel free to go to golf. Golf was not subject to corona regulations, but I couldn't play because I was worried about the public eye criticism. I played golf yesterday for the first time in 2 months. The weather was nice and the weather was perfect. I finally got to play golf, but Japan is in the rainy season, so I want to play a lot now before the rainy season.

Is It Okay To Play Golf

Is it okay to play golf when the coronavirus is becoming a social issue all over the world?
Personally, I think that I can play golf without problems if I improve a little. Golf courses in Japan avoid contact with people and keep play safe by stopping restaurants, baths and locker rooms. However, in Japan, there are many golf courses where four people ride one cart. I think this is a bit dangerous. I think it would be nice to use one cart for each person or play on foot like in the US, but is it possible in Japan?