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What's the Weather like next Friday?
I'm planning to play golf next Friday, so I'm worried about the weather. I have been watching the next Friday's weather forecast for a couple of days, but the weather forecast changes every day. I've canceled a lot of golf play because of the coronavirus for couple of monthes, so I want to play golf next Friday if possible.


連続365日 達成


勉強時間は80%が早朝です。 時には朝2時からやる時もあります。用事がある時は2時起きもへっちゃら。勉強時間も平均で1日、1時間を遥かに超えています。実際にやっている時間は約1.5時間/日位だと思います。
もちろん、こんなに英語を勉強し続けたのは初めてです。 で、英語の実力がどの位アップしたのかは、疑問ですが、楽しく続けられているので、いつかは英語が流暢に話せるのではと期待してます。
それにしても、凄いと思う、なんでも飽き性だった、自分が1年続けられたというのは。 今は2年続ける事を次の目標にしますが、簡単そうです。

My Father Returned His Driver's License

Today, my father finally returned his driver's license. Today is also my father's birthday, December 24th. He become turned 89 years old today. He decided to return his driver's license. I took him to the police station and helped him to return his driver's license do it.
My father seemed very sad.

New Year's Card

New year's card
In Japan, there is a custom of sending New Year's cards on New Year's Day. However, sending New Year's cards tends is tending to decrease year by year. I think there are two reasons. First, people began to use e-mail for it, especially many young people had stopped doing left New Year's cards. The second reason is that the post office stopped the quota for selling pushing the sale New Year's cards. It is lonely sad that old social customs gradually decrease. In fact, number of my New Year's cards are also decreasing.

Italian Restaurant

An Italian restaurant was opened near my home. What I actually felt when I went there was that it a cheaper restaurant than I thought. The food that came out was served was pretty satisfactory. The meat dish was a little bad, but the pizza was pretty good. My wife has been looking for a delicious crispy pizza for a long time, but she hasn't found it, but she found it until today.