Recent TV show

Recent TV shows are boring, and every TV channel has the same topic, so I hate it. Today's TV broadcasts broadcast only such things as who was invited to the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister. Furthermore, this topic seems to be discussed in the Diet. I don't care about that, and there are topics that should be discussed more seriously.

Charity concert for Japan earthquake in Holland

I would like to introduce a charity concert for the victims of the Japan's earthquake , which was held at Holland. However, Japanese mass communication has never introduced this kind of good concert.

I was moved to know so many people in Holland cared about Japan.
Japanese mass communication should to repay Holland for all the help Holland has given Japan.


We want Ichikawa to quite

If prime minister Noda-san decides to quite Ichikawa ,
it is chance to break off the Ozawa's connection in the DPJ.
Ichikawa has closely worked with Ozawa for many years.

DY20111205110157984L0.jpg plt1112051137002-s3.jpg

However Noda doesn't want to replace Ichikawa,
the reason is that Ozawa group will oppose his plan to raise the consumption tax rate if Noda replace Ichikawa.

今、一川防衛相を更迭できれば、民主党内で小沢グループと縁が切れるチャンスだと思うのだけど、出来ないようですね。 いつまで経っても、民主党には、国民の多くが納得するような政治はできないのでしょうね。

Good Job! 

I was not on Giants side because I don't like Tsuneo Watanabe.

But today good news brought to me, so I am getting changed to Giants side,
because Kiyotake-san claimed to Tsuneo Watanabe
about personal change of Giants.

I'm thinking the main player in the corrupt Giants is the Tsuneo Watanabe.
The more he is criticized, the more stubborn he becomes.
But I don't care.

Which do you like Kiyotake-san or Watanabe?


I don't want to see Watanebe anymore.


Chinese copy vs Japanese copy

Left picture is Japanese Gundam.
Right picture is Chinese Gundam which chinese theme park copies Japanese Gundam.


The obvious difference is that the Chinese copy is painted in orange.

Most of Japanese are complaining about the Gumdam which Chinese copies Japanese Gundam.

However is it true ?

Looking at Japanese guitar. Japanese guitar maker is continuing copying American guitar.


Nobody understands whether the above guitar is Japanese brand or American brand.

Because Japanese guitars are high quality copies of popular American brand name guitars.

They look identical to the originals.
They are equal in quality and sometimes even better than the originals.
They are cheaper than the originals.

I know copying is Asian culture.

However Japanese should stop copying American product before complaining to Chinese.