Christmas Present for my Grandchild

Since my grandson was staying with me today, I went to ToysarasToys R Us to buy a gift for my grandson. It's a little cheaper to buy online, but it's more fun to shop with my grandson. The reason is that I can feel see my grandson's smile directly in person. Because it was the Saturday before Christmas, the shops were crowded and the cash registers were in line lines to the cash registers were full. The road traffic on the way back was heavy traffic, but both my grandson and I were very satisfied happy.


Swimming Pool

Tomorrow is the day of my grandson's swimming school, so we go to help. It's getting colder and the swimming pool is getting colder and harder, but my grandson looks forward to it. I really enjoy watching my grandson's smile.

Toys For My Grandson

I was free yesterday so I went shopping. I looked for toys for my grandchildren's grandson toys, but I couldn't find anything he wanted, and I couldn't buy anything else.
I wanted get a cooking toy set for my grandson, but he already had many cooking toyssets in his home, so I couldn'tdidn't buy it. I need to search other shops for my grandson.


The less plastic toys give children the better. Let them play with natural things.

今問題になっているプラスチックの環境汚染を気にしていると言うよりは、子供の安全を思ってくれているのだろうと思いますが、木製の玩具なども売ってはいますが、安い物は塗料などが気になり、買う気になりません。 それより、今のプラスティック製のおもちゃって子どもの想像を育てるのに、凄く有効なので、捨てがたいです。 中々難しい問題ですね。もちろん、この手の議論を英語では出来ないので、ここで、日本語で書いてます。

Kindergarden Interview

Last Friday, a my 3-year-old grandson took a kindergarten interview.

The grandchild who is going to the nursery now is not allowed to go to the nurserycontinue from April of next year. Because there is a mum the mum is on childcare leave that and takes care of the lower younger child at home, the upper older child cannot enter the nursery school. It ’s very difficult to enter get admited into a nursery now. Many children cannot enter the nursery school. In particular, the probability of a one-year-old child entering a nursery is very low. If two children can go to the nursery at the same time, mom can resume work.


I've been shopping at Costco on a fairly regular basis for several years because I like Costco. Why I like Costco is that the every products in Costco are in an all-American way. I like Costco because they sell American products. It looks like I am feelling in America wWhen I am in Costco, I feel as though I am in America.

Several days ago, I bought a bucket playset at Costco, which is the This is a toy that my groundson grandson plays with when he is near water and/or sand. This toys are also like an American different from Japanese. These toys are not like Japanese toys.

However, my groundson My grandson couldn't play this week due to rain.rainey season in Japan. He played in house.

今回も沢山添削して頂きました。 酔っ払って書いているとgrandson のスペルまで間違っていました。私の文章を何度も添削しているアメリカ人の方から 「as though]と言うフレーズを使えるようにと指摘がありました。 使うと便利だし、英語では頻繁に使うそうです。 そういえば、このフレーズは使った事ないのでちょっと勉強しましょう。