The Japanese government has lifted the restrictions on going out due to the corona whirlpool virus, so I can now feel free to go to golf. Golf was not subject to corona regulations, but I couldn't play because I was worried about the public eye criticism. I played golf yesterday for the first time in 2 months. The weather was nice and the weather was perfect. I finally got to play golf, but Japan is in the rainy season, so I want to play a lot now before the rainy season.


Is It Okay To Play Golf

Is it okay to play golf when the coronavirus is becoming a social issue all over the world?
Personally, I think that I can play golf without problems if I improve a little. Golf courses in Japan avoid contact with people and keep play safe by stopping restaurants, baths and locker rooms. However, in Japan, there are many golf courses where four people ride one cart. I think this is a bit dangerous. I think it would be nice to use one cart for each person or play on foot like in the US, but is it possible in Japan?

Coronavirus Threat

The coronavirus threat now seems to have spread worldwide. At first it happened occurred in Asian countries, but now it has spread quickly to Western countries. American sports events are being canceled one after another. Professional golf matches seem to be canceled in Japan and the United States have been cancelled for the time being. Is golf a sport influenced by the coronavirus? Can the Corona Virus actually affect golf ?I have a lot of plans to play golf in March and April, but I don't think I will be infected with the coronavirus.


Since joining the OB / OG Golf Competition for the company I worked before, they have frequently invited me to play golf. The reason is that most of the members are over 65 years old, so they don't know how many years they can play golf. So, they want to play a lot of golf as possible as they can now. However it is difficult to find people to play with. Because some people are sick or injured and can no longer play golf. I'm a little younger than them and still strong, so I can play golf anytime. From next month, I plan to play golf twice a month regularly.

Recent Japanese Golf Style

Yesterday I played golf and realized that there were a few things that were different from compared to the past. The first is the use of lockers. At the reception, you can choose to use a locker. In the past, it was common to change clothes in the locker room and take a bath after playing golf. But now, most people change their clothes and shoes in their car, and after playing, return home without taking a bath. It seems that the reason is that it will be is 220 yen cheaper , if you do not use a locker, and they will take a bath at home anyway.
Second, golf carts have many functions. It displays the course layout, tells you the distance to the hall, and even manages your score. Of course, you can see/manage the scores for not only for people in the same cart as you, but also other people playing in different carts. And we can play for a lower price than ever. Nevertheless, the golf population seems to be decreasing year by year.
Even though the service is improving and the cost is low, the golf population seems to be decreasing year by year.