I made a gnocchi 

Following are the today's harvest.

CIMG0040.jpg CIMG0039.jpg CIMG9650.jpg

I tore the leaves of basil and some tomatoes from my garden in the morning.
I received many potatoes from neighborhood some days ago.
Thank GOD for receiving many foods.

At first , I tried to make a gnocchi using potatoes and flour.

Following are the ingredient for making gnocchi.

: Steamed potatoes 250g
: Flour 100g
: Salt pinch
: Egg 1/2

In order to make a gnocchi shape, I used a back of folk.


This is dirty looking because every size and shape are not same.
However there is no relation to taste.

Next, I will try to make a basil sauce.

The ingredients for basil sauce are,

: Basil
: Olive oil
: salt and pepper
: Garlic
: pine nuts
: anchovy

First picture is the gnocchi I ate.
Second picture is the gnocchi my wife ate. She put some milk and butter into sauce.
Third picture is the today's dessert.

CIMG0044.jpg CIMG0047.jpg CIMG0036.jpg

Today, most of ingredients are free, it is very helpful for me, as now I don' t have job.

Still many potatoes and tomatoes are remaining.