Yellowtail Fish

I got a 65cm yellowtail from a friend who likes fishing. I use two types of knives to cut this big fish. One is called DebaBoucyo, which can cut down to the bone. The other one is called Yanagiba to be used for Sashimi. I always sharpen these knives before cutting the fish. These knifes which cut very well were able to make beautiful and delicious sashimi.


Mid summer day of the OX


Mid summer day of the Ox
Midsummer Day of the Ox

There is a custom in Japan that we eat grilled eel on the Ox day in the mid summer.
It is a custom in Japan to eat grilled eel on Ox Day.
The reason is that we won't suffer from summer heat.
It is believed that eating grilled eel will reduce the effect of summer heat.
Ox day in this year is 20th July.
This year, Ox Day is on July 20th.
It will get crowded on the day. So we ate grilled eel yesterday to avoid crowds.
Consequently, we ate grilled eel yesterday to avoid the crowds.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was still very crowded.
This year eel price is very expensive, even so Japanese want to eat grilled eel every year.
This year eel is very expensive . Even so, Japanese want to eat eel every year.

Hyporhamphus sajori and Flounders


CIMG1706.jpg CIMG1690.jpg

CIMG1698.jpg CIMG1708.jpg CIMG1705.jpg

CIMG1710.jpg CIMG1711.jpg

CIMG1724.jpg CIMG1730.jpg CIMG1738.jpg CIMG1750.jpg

Japanese amberjack

The wholesale price of Japanese amberjack has dropped sharply
because of an especially good catch off the coast of Toyama Prefecture.
Japanese Amberjack is a fish that changes its name
according to its size.
The fish I bought yesterday is called "Inada" which size is about 50cm.
If the size is greater than 80cm , we call "Buri"


First , I prepared as a raw fish.


After that I sauteed fish fillets with original sauce.



Soy sauce
White wine
Salt and papper
finely-chopped raw cibol
  Place fish on well-oiled broiling pan.
  Combine sauce; apply generously to fish.
Broil for 5 minutes of until fish flakes easily with a fork.


Anchovies are a family of small salt-water fish.

There are many kind of Anchovy in the world.
If we say ancyovy, we can imagine fermented food in European.

Today, we can purchase anchovy everywhere in supermarket in Japan.
However it is very expensive. (You can check the price)
It costs about $4 (4-5 fillets)

If I make anchovy by myself, it is reasonable.
Because small fishes are very reasonable in Japan.
I always use small fishes called "Katakuchi Iwashi".
The cost is always less than $1 per >25 fishes.

CIMG7678.jpg CIMG8296.jpg CIMG8617.jpg

I like to cut the fishes.

The pictures show the fishes which are removed heads and insides of fish then salted.

CIMG7680.jpg CIMG7683.jpg

I usually keep these salted fish in refrigerator for two months.
After that I remove salt from fishes using water.
Then these fishes with olive oil are kept in bottles.


I need to wait for more two months until these fishes are completely fermented.

Following are the foods which are used Anchovy.

First 3 pictures are Japanese taste.
Left : Minced Anchovy is mixed with steamed rice.
Mid : Anchovy and shaved bonitos on OKONOMI-YAKI.
Right: Anchovy with green onion on the rice.

CIMG8294.jpg CIMG8311.jpg CIMG8313.jpg

Anchovy with garlic pasta.


Anchovy in the noodle.


There is very similar food to Anchovy in Japan.
That is " IKA NO SHIO-KARA".

This is also fermented squid.
This is fermented by squid guts and salt.

IKA = Squid
NO= of
SHIO= salt
KARA= hot

CIMG8065.jpg CIMG8067.jpg

Anchovy and "IKA-no-SHIO-KARA" is very similar flavor and smell.

So that, some people like to eat, but some people don't like.

My wife doesn't eat both.