How to make noodles

I like to make a noddle by my self.
The noddles I make are Pasta, Ramen, Udon, Soba.
These noddles are basically made by kneading wheat flour, salt and water.
Following additional ingredients are used for each noodle.

Pasta uses olive oil and eggs.
Ramen uses brine water.
Udon don't use any additional ingreadence.
Soba uses differnt kind of flour.

The thickness can range from 2mm-6mm wide.
Evey noddles can be eaten hot or cold.
Most of people like to eat cold noddles in summer season,
and like to eat hot noddles in winter season.
Even Pasta, Japanese like to eat cold pasta in summer season.

Usually, hot noddles are in hot soup.
Cold noddles can be eaten by dipping into dipping sauce.
Both hot soup and cold soup includes soy sauce(or miso), mirin, and soup stock.
Of course , we use different kind of sauce for pasta.

Below pictures show that I am kneading the dough just until it comes together.
Strong power is required for kneading.
Mixer can be used this work, but I always knead by my hand as I like hand-kneaded noodle.


This pictures show rolling dough and cutting using pasta machine.
This can be done by hand.
I use pasta machine for cutting when I make thin noodles,
I don't use pasta machine for making thick noodles.

CIMG3349.jpg パスタのできるところ ラーメンMar12

Following pictures are Udon, Pasta, Salt ramen, Tukemen, soy sauce ramen.

CIMG0200.jpg CIMG8487.jpg 塩ラーメン1
ラーメンつけ麺Mar12 CIMG6018.jpg


How to eat Udon (うどんの食い方)

CIMG0200.jpg CIMG0205.jpg

I can eat a bowl of Udon in just 3 minutes.
However, connoisseur (who delicate the taste for Udon) can eat a bowl of Udon
within 2 minutes. Because they don't use their teeth , they use their throat.
So their slurping sounds are too noisy as same as vacuum.
Real noodle connoisseurs know that the taste of the noodle is felt in the throat,
not the tongue.
So slurping sounds for eating cold noodles are more bigger
than for eating hot noodles.
This is why they can not use their throat when they eat hot noodles.

Japanese table manner allows to make a slurping sounds when we eat the Udon.
However, there are many pros and cons on this matter.

I personally think, making big slurping sounds is very inconvenience for other people.


130Yen($1.2) Udon

I read the news that SUSHIRO(Sushi restaurant) offers $1.2 Udon on only week days.

Udon is Japanese traditional noodle that made of flour.
Making Udon is also one of my hobbies , so I am chary of eating Udon.
First , I did not think that kind of cheep Udon tastes good for me.

Image Aug (14)

But this taste was better than my expectation.
The soup is like a western Japan taste (dried anchovy taste), the noodles have body.
This is I like.

However, I faced big problem.
The problem I faced is that beer cost was very expensive.

Image Aug (16)

I can't understand is that the beer they offer is very famous as expensive in Japan.
The name of beer is "The premium ".
It cost about $6.
This size is too small , I had to buy another Sake which costs also $6.

In order to eat $1 Udon, I spent $13 totally. (Udon $1 , Beer $6, Sake $6)

Even the cost for drinking was very expensive, the Udon tasted very good.

I was very happy,,,

Thanks , Yoppappie. (よっぱっぴー)