Beaujous Nouveau In USA


よっぱさん、I really like red wine, but I've never tried Beaujolais Nouveau. I just did a google search on it. It seems to be inexpensive compared to other red wines. If it's not too late, I think I'll try to find a bottle. I don't know how popular it is in the US.

Beaujolais Nouveau

相変わらず、上達してませんが、ここまで、直されると殆ど書き換えられている感じですかね? どうもまだ、日本語から英語に直しているんだなあ? 最初から英語で考えるようにしているのですけど、中々そうはなっていないようです。

Recently, Beaujolais Nouveau seems to be less popular in Japan. About 20 years ago, everyone bought and drank on the release dateBeaujolais Nouveau as soon as it was released.. Shops such as In the past, large supermarkets heavily advertised large sales. were planning big sales, but Recently , however, supermarkets are not advertising it as much.it seems only small advertisements. I bought only one bottle, but the number to buy is decreasing year by year.Sales of Beaujous Nouveau are decreasing every year.

Hot Sake

Today was the coldest day in the year. I came to a driving range with a sports jacket. Normally, after many shots, it became hot and I took off my jacket, but today I did not take it off until the end. Tonight's hot sake seems to be delicious. So I will buy sashimi on my way home.

I am a daily drinker

I am a daily drinker. I drink dailyI have no day to give my liver a rest for long time. For long time, I have not given my liver a chance to recover. Drinking daily subjects me to the possibility of alcohol abuse. I was feelling a bit afraid for my increasingly more frequent mismanagement of alcohol. I have became increasigly concerned about my alcohol consumption
Recently Yamaguchi-san 's(Tokio member) alcoholism became a public scandal that made me worried very much. This has worried me. So Consequently,I decided to stop drinking, However I wasn't able to stop because there were many drinks in my house. of the amount of alcohol in my house.I stopped to buy buyig another alcohol alcoholic drinks then my alcohol drinks run out several days ago. Since then I haven't drunk drankany alcohol and. I feel physically fit today.
Now I feel confident that I am NOT an alcohol abuse alcoholic. I will drink again when I succesed to stop for a week. after one week.

今回もネイティブスピーカーの人に添削してもらいました。言いたい事は言えるようになったつもりでもまだまだネイティブスピーカーの人からすれば変な表現なんでしょうね。 まだまだですね。

Japanese Sake

The consumption of Japanese sake has decreased recently.
I think the main reason for this is that the amount of consumption of meat, food oil and milk products all increased rapidly, and liquor coordinated with meals also changed from Japanese sake to foreign liquors.
As the amount of consumption of meat, food oil and milk products rapidly increased, consumers were choosing other type of liquor to enjoy with meals.
Originaly, Japanese sake had the same simple fragrance similar to that of rice, and did not have a fruity fragrance flavor like wine. Recently, the flavor of Japanese sake is changing to have a fruity fragrance like wine. Recently the taste of Japanese sake is evolving into a wine-like fruity flavor. I like both flavors. However I always drink traditional Japanese sake or beer which coordinates with only Japanese food because fluity Japanese sake is too expensive. I like forign liquors like a beer, wiskly and wine to coordinate with forign foods.

Yesterday, I drunk traditional Japanese sake because it is cheerper, then coordinated meals were raw fishes.