I am a daily drinker

I am a daily drinker. I drink dailyI have no day to give my liver a rest for long time. For long time, I have not given my liver a chance to recover. Drinking daily subjects me to the possibility of alcohol abuse. I was feelling a bit afraid for my increasingly more frequent mismanagement of alcohol. I have became increasigly concerned about my alcohol consumption
Recently Yamaguchi-san 's(Tokio member) alcoholism became a public scandal that made me worried very much. This has worried me. So Consequently,I decided to stop drinking, However I wasn't able to stop because there were many drinks in my house. of the amount of alcohol in my house.I stopped to buy buyig another alcohol alcoholic drinks then my alcohol drinks run out several days ago. Since then I haven't drunk drankany alcohol and. I feel physically fit today.
Now I feel confident that I am NOT an alcohol abuse alcoholic. I will drink again when I succesed to stop for a week. after one week.

今回もネイティブスピーカーの人に添削してもらいました。言いたい事は言えるようになったつもりでもまだまだネイティブスピーカーの人からすれば変な表現なんでしょうね。 まだまだですね。

Japanese Sake

The consumption of Japanese sake has decreased recently.
I think the main reason for this is that the amount of consumption of meat, food oil and milk products all increased rapidly, and liquor coordinated with meals also changed from Japanese sake to foreign liquors.
As the amount of consumption of meat, food oil and milk products rapidly increased, consumers were choosing other type of liquor to enjoy with meals.
Originaly, Japanese sake had the same simple fragrance similar to that of rice, and did not have a fruity fragrance flavor like wine. Recently, the flavor of Japanese sake is changing to have a fruity fragrance like wine. Recently the taste of Japanese sake is evolving into a wine-like fruity flavor. I like both flavors. However I always drink traditional Japanese sake or beer which coordinates with only Japanese food because fluity Japanese sake is too expensive. I like forign liquors like a beer, wiskly and wine to coordinate with forign foods.

Yesterday, I drunk traditional Japanese sake because it is cheerper, then coordinated meals were raw fishes.



Yesterday, I drunk in a tavern(Izakaya) to celebrate success of an operation for my wife.
Yesterday, I went to an Izakaya and drank to my wife's successful surgery
This tavern(Izakaya) served various kinds of dishes to go with the drinks.
I ate raw horse meat and charcoal grilled chickens(Yakitori). The read meat of horse meat tastes like whale meat.
Though I was not sober when I went to the tarvern, I remember their foods were really good.
Though I became very drunk while at the izakaya, I do remember the food was very good


Japanese SAKE


I am worried about the sales of Japanese sake are very weak in these days.
I heard that the sale for Japanese Sake has dropped almost half compared with 10 year ago.

Especially young people don't want to drink Japanese sake due to several reasons.

The sake you can see in the picture is called "Hakkai-San".
It was very expensive sake before. The cost was 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen per 1.8L,
but current price is down to 2,000 yen.

It was very difficult to purchase this sake 10 years ago, due to shortage of stock,
however it is very easy to purchase with cheep price now.
I think why we can buy easily now is very few people only want to buy Japanese Sake.

Why Sales of Japanese sake is decreased, I personally think following reasons.

1. There many kind of alcohol , so everybody can choose their favorite alcohol.
2. Most of Japanese Sake is sweet compared with other alcohol,
so Japanese sake doesn't match current foods that young people want.
3. Japanese Sake matches only Japanese foods.

Today, I drunk Japanese Sake, because I found good fishes which match to Japanese sake.


I don't think to drink another sake if I have raw fishes.
Wine doesn't match any raw fishes.

I strongly hope, that young people drink Japanese sake and foods.


テーマ : 日本酒
ジャンル : グルメ