Kitchen Garden

This year I just started a kitchen garden. I planted cucumbers, eggplants,peas, grape tomatoes and so on. It is getting a time for their picking season. Soon it will be time to harvest them. or Their harvest season is coming closer. However, crops I picked until now are only few grape tematoes and 1 cucumber. However, I have only harvested a few grape tomaoes and one cucumber. A Kitchen garden for begineer was more is more trouble than it is worth.

今回は二人のネイティブスピーカーの方が添削してくれました。 ちなみに昨日、スーパーでキュウリを買ったら30円でした。 家庭菜園で元をとるのは難しいですね。(笑)

Mulukhiya (モロヘイヤ)

I have planted Mulukhiya in my backyard garden and my planter.


Molokhiya is known as healthy food.
Its carotene contents are 4.6 times more than spinach, and 19 times more than broccoli.
It contains calcium, vitamins B1 and B2 and other vegetable fibers than any other vegetables.

Famous story for mulukhiya is that a sick Egyptian King had been taken hot soup of mulukhitya every day, then the King's illness was healed.

Cleopatra(クレオパトラ) also enjoyed the same soup.

So, I tried to make this soup that Cleopatra loved.


The ingredents is as follows.

Finely-chopped mulukhiya (Only leaf is used)
Finely-chopped onion (1/2ea), garlic (1ea)
Chicken breast 250g, cut into 1cm size.
cummin seed
cilantro seed(coriander)
salt , pepper
Lemon juice

Sprinkle chicken with the 1-1/2 teaspoon salt and black pepper.
In the skillet, cook garlic , onion over medium heat with cumin seed about 5mins.
Add 6 cup of water , salt and pepper , then cook about 10mins.
Add chopped mulukhiya and coriander then cook about 5mins.
Squeeze a lemon wedge over each serving

If the soup is remain, you can make a risotto using remaining soup.


This recipe is very simple.

Put 1 cup of rice into heat-proof dish.
Add mulukheya soup.

Cook in microwave oven for 12 mins .

Sprinkle salt , pepper and cheese .
Add tomato if you want.

Cook in microwave for 1 min

Regarding rice, I always use long grain rice for risotto.

Other mulukheya dishes I made are,

CIMG0351.jpg CIMG0185.jpg CIMG0258.jpg