Collapse DPJ (民主党崩壊)

Kenko Matuki who is a DPJ lawmaker decided to leave a senior government post
as he has been dissatisfied with Prime Minister Naoto Kan's leadership.


Matsuki has close ties with former DPJ chief Ichiro Ozawa,
who was indicted over a funds scandal.

Additionally following 16 DPJ members who support Ozawa revolted.


Actually, there are two groups in DPJ. Kan group and Ozawa group.

I think , they should leave from DPJ, if they don't satisfy for DPJ instruction.
They are still remain in the DPJ.

kan.jpg ozawa.jpg

DPJ has been collapsed completely.

Their salaries are paid from tax money even they are NOT working.

 税金泥棒 !!