Radioactive cesium found in compost(培養度にセシウム)

Everybody knows the Japanese government has suspended all beef cattle shipments from Fukushima Prefecture as the cows had eaten contaminated straw.
However the problem is not only rice straw but also the compost.
The radioactive cesium exceeding the normal level has been found in compost which came from Tochigi Prefecture. According to a News that government has asked farmers not to use compost from 17 prefectures in eastern Japan. As always the government said the level of cesium does not pose a health risk.

This means that the eastern Japan has been contaminated by radioactive cesium.

I am also worried about my vegetables which from my kitchen garden.

稲ワラを食べたの牛の問題はよくTVでやっているが、問題は稲ワラだけでなく、堆肥などにもあるという。政府は17県の堆肥を使用しないように通達して、相変わらず、体には直接の害はないと言っている。もう、東日本には安全な食べ物は存在しなくなるのでは? ないだろうか?


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