Ramen is national food in Japan

It is not at all an exaggeration to say that ramen is the national food of the Japanese. However ramen came from China, its cooking has been developed in Japan to meet Japanese taste for so long that it is considered to be Japanese food. There are many ramen shops in Japan and the taste differs between regions and shops. Since the ramen boom, there are many magazines and TV programs that feature stories of "shops that create lines.  Though ramen is good taste it is very difficult to explain how does it taste in English. So I gathered some English statements which explain the taste of ramen.



a bowl of ramen : 一杯のラーメン
Pickled bamboo : メンマ
Firm texture : 硬い食感
The soup has run out : スープ売り切れ
plenty toothy and springy : 歯ごたえがあって弾力がある
The soup is full-bodied : コクのあるスープ
noodle suits soup :  スープに合う麺
The soup is very fishy, a bit more than other tonkotsu gyokai shops. : 魚介風味の豚骨スープ
slow-roasted pieces of pork cartilage : ゆっくり焼いた豚の軟骨
Even if it isn't good for your weight, the collagen is supposedly great for your skin
This bowl was a complete let down. No depth. このラーメンは味が深くなく、がっかりした。
As for the ramen, it is simple and hearty. Many ramen enthusiasts give this shop a solid normal ranking. There isn't much of an impact, but it is a good bowl that shows it's roots. : 多くのラーメンファンが普通の評価をする 愛情のこもったシンプルなラーメンでインパクトはあまりないが、元祖を思わせる素晴らしいラーメン。
I won't say it was worth it, because that is a lot of cash to drop on some noodles. このラーメンはマズイ、金をドブ(ラーメンの丼)に捨てるようだ。







Joeさんへ Re: ラーメンは和食

> もちろん「和食」として受け入れられています。

やはり、和食ですか?  アメリカ人にも是非ずるずると麺をすするまで受け入れて欲しいです。(笑