Nothig makes me happier than my grandchild

Today , I got a toy for my grandson. The toy I bought today is called "Bread factory of anpan-man".
The "Anpan-man" is that Japanese famous anime character.
There are many functions which are orders, cash register and play kitchen for faked breads.
Many kind of faked breads are also included in this set.
My grandson likes the toy very much.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing my grandson happy.




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You seem so happy when you talk about your grandchildren, and I’m sure it can help you relieve stress from the pressures of life. Even though we are probably around the same age, I still don’t have any grand children as my son is still in university, so I will have to wait and see if I can experience the same joy you feel.

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Thanks for your comment.
Recently only grandson is what I live for. He helps me to relieve my stress very much.
It is simply difficult to compare child rearing and care for the old. I have no doubt both are worthwhile effort for me. However their future would be big difference.