Yesterday, I drunk in a tavern(Izakaya) to celebrate success of an operation for my wife.
Yesterday, I went to an Izakaya and drank to my wife's successful surgery
This tavern(Izakaya) served various kinds of dishes to go with the drinks.
I ate raw horse meat and charcoal grilled chickens(Yakitori). The read meat of horse meat tastes like whale meat.
Though I was not sober when I went to the tarvern, I remember their foods were really good.
Though I became very drunk while at the izakaya, I do remember the food was very good





Congratulations on your wife's successful operation.
I am so happy to hear that.
It is a little relieved.
Please take your time and relax.

sakuramom さんへ

Thanks for you comment.

I was worried that the operation of my wife took longer than originally planned. However it makes good progress after the operation and she came back to normal life.