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この記事のタイトル weed は英語としては正しいのですが、複数形でない weed は一般的にはマリファナの事らしいです。 従って Weeds / Weeding とした方が良いとアメリカの方から指摘されました。日本で言う葉っぱみたいな物ですかね。それにしてもまさかマリファナと間違えられるとは びっくりしました。

Two days ago, it was cool when I woke up at 5:30.
I felt today was the best day to weed my backyard.
Low temperature and less mosquitoes helped to easy to weed me weed easily
So I made good progress with my work.

I finished to weed weeding at 7:30.
After that I went to a golf driving range before taking shower.
I finished weeding at 7:30. I need to take a shower after weeding, but I went a driving range without taking a shower.
I was very supprized that many people were practicing golf before going to work.
When I returned to my house from golf from driving range around 9:00 it was still cool. 

The nNext day , it was also cool when I woke up at 5:00.
I completed to weed weeding for all my backyard.

今回は日本人の方に添削してもらいました。 日本語も書いてますので、微妙なニュアンスも分かってくれてますので、解りやすい添削です。 あ~、でもこの位の英語のレベルになりたいなあ? もう歳なので、無理だとは思うけど、頑張り続けます。


There are few mosquitoes this year.
There were only a few mosquitoes this year.
Ordinarily we used Electronic Mosquito-Repellent tool in my house in June.
Ordinarily we use an electronic mosquito-repellent tool in my house in June.
However , This year, we still don't need to use it, even so July.
However, this year, we don't need to use it, even in July.
Why mosquitoes are few is that rain was few in April through May.
There was not much rain in April and May which is why there were less mosquitoes.
Anyway few mosquitoes make me happy.
Anyway less mosquitoes makes me happy.

今回も全文添削されました。 イマイチ理解しにくいのが、 less mosquitoes というのは単数扱いになるのが、日本人にとっては解りづらい。

My profile

I live in Japan. I am 61 years old now.
I retired from my old job when I was 52.
Over nine years have passed since I retired.
I worked for a large semiconductor company of foreign origin for 27 years.
I had many overseas business trips while I was working.
However , my English level hasn't improved.
I decided to include learning English in my hobbies list to improve my English level.
Now, I have a lot of time to do my hobbies.
Currently, my hobbies are golfing, cooking, playing guitar , and learning English.

Hot summer

We are having hot an extremenly hot summer this year in Japan.
In these days, I was Lately, I've been pretty lethargic myself due to the hot whether.
It's too hot. I realize that saying " It's hot " makes me feel hot, but really it's is hot!
On a hot day night, after taking a shower , a cold beer tastes great!
There is nothing better than drinking beer on a hot day.


こんなシンプルな文章でもかなり添削されます。 最近は外国人の方が作った日本語を添削しています。 やればやるほど、外国語を学ぶ事の難しさが解ります。 でもそこが、楽しい。

Mid summer day of the OX


Mid summer day of the Ox
Midsummer Day of the Ox

There is a custom in Japan that we eat grilled eel on the Ox day in the mid summer.
It is a custom in Japan to eat grilled eel on Ox Day.
The reason is that we won't suffer from summer heat.
It is believed that eating grilled eel will reduce the effect of summer heat.
Ox day in this year is 20th July.
This year, Ox Day is on July 20th.
It will get crowded on the day. So we ate grilled eel yesterday to avoid crowds.
Consequently, we ate grilled eel yesterday to avoid the crowds.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was still very crowded.
This year eel price is very expensive, even so Japanese want to eat grilled eel every year.
This year eel is very expensive . Even so, Japanese want to eat eel every year.