40 days have passed since I started learning mathematics.
So far I have studied the following items.
It took longer to understand than I expected due to my age.

Expansion of determinant
First equation
Simultaneous equation
Second equation

I've been working on exercises.
So far there is one math problem I haven't solved.
This is below.

Multiply 240 by the smallest possible natural number such that the product is the square of a natural number.
What is the natural number that you multiply by?

Dentist 2

Two of my molars were loose. I couldn't bite these teeth without feeling some pain. So, I decided to have them removed. I called a dentist and an appointment for April 9th. Ater that, I had to visit the dentist many times. The following is my detal record.

April 9th check-up
April 16th remove teeth
April 17th antisepsis
April 23rd antisepsis
April 27th make mold for false teeth
May 7th make mold for false teeth
May 14th make mold for false teeth
June 1st complete false teeth
June 11th cleaning
June 22nd cleaning
June 29th cleaning
July 20th Plan to end of treatment

It cost me a lot of time and money. I don't understand why I had to visit the dentist so many times.

As though

I received following comment from my friend who lives in US.

Try to look up the phrase "as though". It is a helpful phrase and is used often in English.

Actually , I didn't know this phrase , so I try to learn as though I can use this word naturally.

He committed murder as though it were a game. : 彼はゲーム感覚で殺人をしてしまった。
 as though someone just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. まるでファッション雑誌から飛び出して来たような。
act as though one is listening 聞いていない振りをする
feel as though I am in America アメリカにいるような感じ
feel as though there is a golf-ball stuck in my throat 喉にゴルフボールが引っ掛かっているようだ。 これはプレッシャーので気持ちが重くなっている状態を言うそうです。
It's as though, I had unfinished homework. なんというか、なんかやりかけの宿題が残っているような?
remember as though it was yesterday.
I venerated my parents as though they were gods

I am feeling as thogh I can use "as though" naturally.


I've been shopping at Costco on a fairly regular basis for several years because I like Costco. Why I like Costco is that the every products in Costco are in an all-American way. I like Costco because they sell American products. It looks like I am feelling in America wWhen I am in Costco, I feel as though I am in America.

Several days ago, I bought a bucket playset at Costco, which is the This is a toy that my groundson grandson plays with when he is near water and/or sand. This toys are also like an American different from Japanese. These toys are not like Japanese toys.

However, my groundson My grandson couldn't play this week due to rain.rainey season in Japan. He played in house.

今回も沢山添削して頂きました。 酔っ払って書いているとgrandson のスペルまで間違っていました。私の文章を何度も添削しているアメリカ人の方から 「as though]と言うフレーズを使えるようにと指摘がありました。 使うと便利だし、英語では頻繁に使うそうです。 そういえば、このフレーズは使った事ないのでちょっと勉強しましょう。


Two of my molars were loose. I couldn' t bite using these teeth in pain. So I decided to remove out. I called a dentist and got an appoitment for Apr 9th. After that I visited the dentist many times. Following are the my hosipital record.

Apr 9th check
Apr 16th remove teeth
Apr 17th antisepsis
Apr 23rd antisepsis
Apr 27th make mold for false teeth
May 7th make mold for false teeth
May 14th make mold for false teeth
Jun 1st complete false teeth
Jun 8th adjust false teeth
Jun 11th cleaning
Jun 22nd final

It took too much time and money. I don't understand why so many times I needed to visit dentist.