Recent Japanese Golf Style

Yesterday I played golf and realized that there were a few things that were different from compared to the past. The first is the use of lockers. At the reception, you can choose to use a locker. In the past, it was common to change clothes in the locker room and take a bath after playing golf. But now, most people change their clothes and shoes in their car, and after playing, return home without taking a bath. It seems that the reason is that it will be is 220 yen cheaper , if you do not use a locker, and they will take a bath at home anyway.
Second, golf carts have many functions. It displays the course layout, tells you the distance to the hall, and even manages your score. Of course, you can see/manage the scores for not only for people in the same cart as you, but also other people playing in different carts. And we can play for a lower price than ever. Nevertheless, the golf population seems to be decreasing year by year.
Even though the service is improving and the cost is low, the golf population seems to be decreasing year by year.


A friend invited me to play golf on Monday, January 27th. I didn't don'thave any plans for that day and wanted to play golf, so I immediately answered 'Yes'. Later, when I checked the weather forecast, it seemed that the day could be snowthere could be snow that day. We can play golf that day because it is light snow, but I hate playing golf on cold days. We might still be able to play that day because the forecast calls for light snow. Nonethelss, I still hate playing golf on cold days. Now I just hope the weather forecast will change that day.

連続365日 達成


勉強時間は80%が早朝です。 時には朝2時からやる時もあります。用事がある時は2時起きもへっちゃら。勉強時間も平均で1日、1時間を遥かに超えています。実際にやっている時間は約1.5時間/日位だと思います。
もちろん、こんなに英語を勉強し続けたのは初めてです。 で、英語の実力がどの位アップしたのかは、疑問ですが、楽しく続けられているので、いつかは英語が流暢に話せるのではと期待してます。
それにしても、凄いと思う、なんでも飽き性だった、自分が1年続けられたというのは。 今は2年続ける事を次の目標にしますが、簡単そうです。


今日の新聞を開くと昨日行われたセンター試験の問題がありました。早速、英語の試験をやって見ましたが、文字が小さくて30分位やった所でギブアップ、解答は別ページにあるのだが、文字が小さすぎて、中々採点出来ずにギブアップ。ただ、問題の中に興味深い記事があったので、色々と調べて見ました。 それが、この記事です。

又、この記事を書きたくてネットを調べているうちにネット上にもセンター試験の問題があり、簡単に勉強出来る事が解りましたので、後でもう一度、やって見たいです。 ただ、リーディング問題の音声を聞く手段がまだ、見つからないので、誰か知っている人がいたら教えて欲しいです。

Yellowtail Fish

I got a 65cm yellowtail from a friend who likes fishing. I use two types of knives to cut this big fish. One is called DebaBoucyo, which can cut down to the bone. The other one is called Yanagiba to be used for Sashimi. I always sharpen these knives before cutting the fish. These knifes which cut very well were able to make beautiful and delicious sashimi.